Welcome to I & C Service Inc

I&C Service Inc. is an instrumentation controls company that specializes in boiler service. Our service includes calibration, preventive maintenace, new or upgrade installations and trouble shooting. We are fully certified in both gas and oil operations including oil tank service and inspection of tanks above ground. The calibration service comes with full reports that can include safety and work scopes. The burner management includes limits, flame safety and fuel trains. 

We have extensive experience with stand-alone controllers, including the Bailey CLC or SLC and the Moore (Siemens) 352 or 353. Transmitter calibration is both pneumatic and electronic. Oxygen and combustion analyzers are Bailey / ABB and Rosemount.

Configuration includes Ratio, jack shaft or cross limited control, Plant Master / Boiler Master and one, two, and three element feedwater / drum level control.